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Tips and tricks, well, the tricks part is out, and we’ll keep the tips. It’s hard to keep up with everything that is going on in the world of real estate; however, consistency is something that can really stay in any businesses game plan. If there is no consistency then there is no plan at all, so make sure you keep mailing to your market.


Consistency Makes Business Work


As the consistency works for business and all other systems within a business, this also works for direct mail. If the people within a community see the mailers being sent on a consistent basis, that is a great sign that they are able to recognize your brand and your professionalism. If you mail every other month and it’s at random times of the year, then you could be shooting yourself in the foot with looking unprofessional.


If you as a realtor work on one area (your farm area that is) consistently for over one year, this means that the people within that farm area will trust you more and have more confidence in you ability to help them through the process of buying or selling a home. The reason for this automatic trust is seems like is that exact thing, the consistent mailing. Do you trust anyone that is only somewhat reliable? No, that’s why consistency matters, and being in front of these people all the time brings trust too and likability.


Knowing The Market


You know the market even better than the residence because you mail to them, you know the addresses, and you know the people’s names within the community. The reason I mention this is because it’s easier to scrub the list that you have of the farm when you mail to them every week, month and year for multiple years.


The biggest benefit for knowledge of the market is to guide those people that call you from the mailers to add value by the knowledge you have. You have great awareness to what the real estate market looks like in that specific area (i.e. square footage of all units, price per square feet, sales price of recent sales) these are the major informational pieces that you can provide to those people when they call the phone number on the mailers.


The List


Scrubbing the list, the list is your farm; your farm is the list you have been mailing to. This is a living, breathing thing that will be consistently changing. People move out of your farm, move into your farm and homeowners within your farm call you to be taken off the list. All these times you update the list and keep moving. This is truly hard work because if a realtor that has a farm and does not take care of that list, then there are kinks in the chain. These types of kinks will damage your system, your reputation and you’ll lose trust from those community members if they have to call you multiple times about being taken off the list.


This is a long road, but a great one because you can build on the success from one listing, and name recognition. As the more you are in and out of the neighborhood, the popularity goes deeper and deeper! Relationships build upon each other to create a massive amount of friendships that can cultivate a ton of business. As a realtor you will lose if you are just looking for that next deal!


As much as mailing is for your business and your name, it’s also for the people that live within the communities you service. Bring value and the mailers do not bring that value, they bring your name in front of those people that live in the farm. It’s your job to expand your reach to those people to create the touch that will develop into a relationship of value and create the business you want now and for years to come.


Peter Mckernan

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