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Why You Should List Your Home in The Fall and Winter

Why You Should List Your Home in The Fall and Winter

There are many concerns when it comes to listing your home. One big apprehension is what time of year should a home be listed. This post will cover why it’s a good idea to list in the later part of a year, and what are the drawbacks are of listing in the early time of the year. As all the questions come to top of mind when deciding to list your home, this question about when to list will know be a no brainier.


Listing in the spring (primetime)


If everyone listened to industry standards they would follow the normal progression for listing a home, which is listing your home in the springtime. There are many factors that affect this train of thought, and one big reason is that it’s the perfect time to sell because everyone is looking at that time to move into a home.


This is not always the case, there maybe a lot more people out looking to buy at that particular time of the year; however, there are a lot more listings at that time too. So, to clarify, more listed homes in the spring means reduced price points because there is more inventory. A buyer could see ten houses in a two-hour window during the springtime, and then see two more listings the next day. As you can see this is bad for prices since the inventory is high, which would cause a decrease in price to match the lower demand of all the people in the market looking.


Listing in the fall (hidden gem)


Fall in California is great! The leaves are changing and the time to list is still prevalent, even better than the spring in different ways. Just think of the fall as the time serious buyers and sellers come out to list their homes, and buy homes.

I say serious buyers and sellers because there is a shorter window to buy a house prior to moving in and getting it set for the holidays. If it’s not the holidays that make the buyer a serious one, it’s the low inventory that causes that person to cut to the chance and buy. In real estate with low inventory equals more eyes placed on your home that’s for sale.


Both On The Chopping Block


At the end of the day it’s up to you to pick the best time to list your house, but do not let anyone talk you into the only time to list your property is spring. Rule number one for the seller is that listing is dependent on you, not the best time of the year. Know that if it’s in spring that you want to list, that’s okay: however, the fall is a great time to list and could yield a higher price tag at the end of the sale.




Peter Mckernan

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